Alaska Surety Bonds

  • Alaska Notary Bond imagealaska-notary-bond-and-eo

    $2,500 Alaska Notary Bond

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    This $40 AK notary surety bond complies with the Alaska state law requiring notary applicants to file a $2,500 Alaska notary bond. The surety bond protects the people of Alaska…

  • Alaska Motor Vehicle Bond

    Alaska Motor Vehicle Title Bond

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    Alaska motor vehicle lost title surety bonds starts at $100 for a 3-year term. Premiums may increase if the bond limit exceeds $6,700. Bond limits must be one and one…

  • ERISA Fidelity Bond (Application)

    ERISA Fidelity Bond Application

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    This product is an application for ERISA fidelity coverage. After you have completed it, please return to for processing. ERISA bonds/policies can be issued quickly.


    Travelers ERISA Fidelity Policy automatically…

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    ERISA Fidelity Policy – 3-year Prepaid Premium (New Plan – All States Except CA)

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    ERISA Fidelity Policy covering employers with total plan assets not exceeding $100,000 subject to the following conditions:

    No union plans, No non-qualifying assets, No designated agents or Additional Named Insured coverage, No employer securities, No…